Successful implementation of a geotechnical design or repair requires careful observation and testing of all facets of earthwork construction involved in a project. Observation and testing of earthwork construction are usually required by municipal or county grading codes. Furthermore, an onsite representative from the geotechnical engineer helps protect the Client’s interests with regard to soils issues.

DHLA provides observation and testing services during construction that are critical to the successful outcome of any project. DHLA realizes the importance of having experienced personnel onsite that can properly assess the ongoing work in progress and can make informed decisions in the field. Our technicians have experience on projects ranging from small foundation reconstruction of single-family residential structures to large multi-million cubic yard mass grading and large public works projects.

ASTM protocols are strictly adhered to when performing field density testing of embankment fill, trench backfill or asphaltic concrete pavement. Our testing methods include drive cylinders, sand replacement (sand cone) and nuclear density gauge.

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