DHLA is qualified to provide geotechnical review and consultation regarding soils reports, geotechnical issues, features and remediation. Many of our services will support those items.


DHLA can provide geotechnical and geologic review of project documents.

Administrative Duties

DHLA can provide geotechnical reviews and attend meetings to present reviewed geotechnical designs to appropriate parties. We welcome a working relationship with government personnel assigned to public works projects, and coordination with other public agencies involving geotechnical project matters.

Development Review

DHLA can provide geotechnical review of plans, reports, and other documents and provide recommendations as to geotechnical matters. If needed, we offer to perform geotechnical investigations for new development projects, including subsurface exploration, engineering analysis, and geotechnical design of buildings, roadways, and other structures. We can also provide field observation services with regard to geotechnical parameters during construction phases.

Construction Inspection

DHLA can provide field observation and testing services for grading, and foundation or trench excavations during construction phases. We can provide geotechnical review of plans and specifications and provide recommendations as to geotechnical matters.

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