DHLA, through our extensive geotechnical consulting experience, is familiar with geotechnical services through the design and construction phases of any project. From Initial Reports to “As Built” reports, every geotechnical review is performed under the responsible charge of a State of California registered geotechnical engineer and/or certified engineering geologist experienced in the task.

A representation of our geotechnical and geologic capabilities is presented below:

  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Construction Monitoring and Certification
  • Site Earthwork Construction Monitoring and Certification
  • Field Observation and Testing of Earthwork, Shallow and Deep Foundation Elements, Soil Nails, and Tieback Anchors
  • Drilling, Trenching, Borehole Sounding, Logging, and Sampling of Soil and Rock
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing of Soil and Rock
  • Geotechnical Analyses of Field and Laboratory Data
  • Seismic Ground Motion Studies, including Historic and Probabilistic Seismicity, Site Specific Ground Response Spectra, Seismic Hazard Studies, and Liquefaction Analysis
  • Geotechnical and Geologic Reports
  • Construction Technical Specifications, including CADD Plans (AutoCAD 2005)
  • Provision for Traffic Control During Subsurface Investigations
  • Geologic Field Mapping of Slopes, Landslides, and Grading Excavations
  • Geotechnical/Geologic Support in Response to Site Emergencies
  • Constructability Technical Review of Plans and Specifications
  • Detailed Geologic Field Mapping of Exploratory Fault Trenches
  • Down-hole Geologic Logging of Exploratory Borings and Trenches by a Certified Engineering Geologist
  • Site Instrumentation Installation and Monitoring (e.g., Slope Inclinometers, Pore Pressure Transducers, Groundwater Wells and Piezometers, Crack Monitors, Vapor Emission Tests)
  • Feasibility Studies for New Developments
  • Engineering and Geologic Research
  • Groundwater Studies
  • Landslide and Mass Movement Investigations
  • Stability Analyses for Cut and Fill Slopes
  • Slope Mitigation Design for Unstable Conditions (e. g., Re-grading, Buttress Stabilization, Soil Nails, Tieback Anchors, and other Retaining Structures)
  • Floor and Foundation Level Surveys
  • Geotechnical Analysis of Expansive and Collapsible Soils, Bearing Capacity, Settlement, Soil Corrosivity, Lateral Earth Pressures and Lateral Bearing Capacity
  • Geotechnical Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations, as well as Underpinning Repairs
  • Geotechnical Design of Pavements
  • Geotechnical Design of Earthwork and Mitigation of Problems with Grading and Fill Compaction
  • Geotechnical Design of Ground Improvement Protocols, including Grouting, Stone Columns, and other Soil Densification
  • Structural Damage Assessments due to Earthquake, Settlement, Moisture Intrusion, and Other Geologic and Geotechnical Hazards
  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Services

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